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Who we are?

We are a Mexican company dedicated to the creation, commercialization, and operation of catamaran tours and experiences between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. 

With more than 13 years of history, today we have a fleet of 40 boats (which continues to grow), which positions us as one of the largest nautical tourism companies in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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What we offer

Isla Mujeres Tour
Themed Partys
  • Birthdays

  • Bachelorettes

  • Incentive trips

  • Weddings

  • Celebrations & More

Private Tours

Over 30 different catamarans for you, to choose the one that fits with your needs.

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Beach Clubs
  • Playa México

  • Playa Indios

  • Velavento

  • Zama


What we stand for

What represent us

At Cancun Sailing, the most important thing is the guest. Every day we strive to offer quality service and a unique experience, always being faithful to our ethical policy and taking care of our ideals in every step of the service chain.


To offer our guests unique moments through the sailing experience.


To share our love for the sea and sailing, maintaining our place as the leading company in the creation, innovation, and development of catamaran experiences.

Our Values

More than a word, it is a constant action. We are fully aware of the importance of  keeping our promises and exceed the expectations of our guests. Every trip, every smile, every detail is a reflection of our commitment unwavering with excellence.



We are not satisfied with the basics. We search perfection in every aspect of our service, paying attention to every detail, no matter how small it is, to guarantee that our guests experience is unbeatable.



We are aware of the importance to act responsibly. We are comiited to protecting and preserving the natural enviroment that surrounds us, ensuring that out operations are sustainable and respectful with the enviroment.




Our word is our seal. We are committed to being loyal to our principles, values and all people who trust us.

Guest First

Our guests are the heart of Cancun Sailing. We strive to understand your desires and needs, and we commit to deliber experiencies that not only meet, but they exceed your expectations.



In a world in constant evolution we seek be at the forefront, adapting to the new trends and market needs, without losing  our essence. Innovation us allows us to offer  fresh experiences to our guests.



We value diversity and recognize the intrinsic value of each collaborator, guest and supplier. We believe that mutual respect is the basis of any lasting relationship and successful.


What makes our team invaluable

From our dedicated administrative staff to our skilled boat crews, marketing experts, and logistics specialists, every member plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations and unforgettable experiences for our clients. At Cancun Sailing, we believe that our greatest asset lies in the talent and dedication of our team, whose collective efforts consistently elevate the standard of service we provide.

Marineros CS

What we give back to the community

There are many problems that afflict our society. Governments, the private sector, civil associations, and individuals, coordinate their efforts every day to ensure the sustainable development of our community, especially locally in the state of Quintana Roo.

In Cancun Sailing we are proud to be a company committed to the development of society, that is why we work every day to improve our environment through partnerships and certifications that define us as true agents of change.

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