Isla Contoy Nature Experience

                                      Be one of the lucky few who lived this unique experience, not everyone knows this place since access is limited to 200 people per day.
                                      FRUIT & bread aboard + Ecological guided trek + OPEN BAR + Snorkel + free time in Isla Mujeres & Isla Contoy + Buffet + Transportation.

                                      From $139.00 USD

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                                      20 - LORES - Isla Contoy - Laguna muelle

                                      What includes the Isla Contoy tour?


                                      Open bar

                                      Rum, tequila, vodka, beer, whiskey, soft drinks, and water


                                      Bread & fruit aboard

                                      You can taste tropical fresh fruit and various sweet bread options



                                      You'll enjoy 30 minutes of snorkeling at some of the most beautiful reef points



                                      The tour includes a roundtrip transfer from your hotel or nearest meeting point


                                      Free time

                                      3 hours of free time in Isla Contoy and 1 hour in Isla Mujeres


                                      Certified guide

                                      An expert guide will accompany you throughout the experience to guide you and answer any questions


                                      Ecological guided trek

                                      Take a quick guided tour through Isla Contoy's passages and learn all about its fauna and flora.


                                      Buffet in Contoy Island

                                      Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch serving lasagna, fish, chicken, rice, salad, and traditional Mexican flavored water

                                      Adult Child Infant
                                      Prices per person USD
                                      $ 139
                                      From +11 years old
                                      $ 109
                                      From 5 to 10 years old
                                      $ Free
                                      From 0 to 4 years old

                                      Payment methods

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                                      Isla Contoy tour description

                                      01-Open Bar Contoy-1-1

                                      • Water and flavored waters

                                      • Soft drink: Coca Cola Classic/Light, Sprite, and mineral water

                                      • Beer: Sol or Superior

                                      • Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey

                                      • Juices: Orange, Pineapple, Cranberry

                                      02 - LoRes - Buffet - Punta Blanca-1-1

                                      Buffet with varied options for all tastes, flavor waters included.

                                      • Pasta

                                      • Assorted dishes of Chicken / Meat / Fish

                                      • Salad

                                      • Dessert

                                      • Dressings (sauces, dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise)

                                      This tour does not include:

                                      • Dock and reef tax of $15 USD per passenger over 5 years old.

                                      • Photographs

                                      • Souvenirs

                                      • Towels

                                      • Bring a bathing suit

                                      • Comfortable shoes for walking on the Island

                                      • Photo or video camera

                                      • Cap or hat

                                      • Towels

                                      • Cash for extras and tips

                                      Itinerary of the Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres tour

                                      Pick up

                                      9:30 Check in

                                      Marina Puerto Xtabay

                                      30 min before the tour schedule.

                                      10:00 Departure

                                      10:00 Departure

                                      10:30 Arrive to Isla Mujeres

                                      Enjoy 1 hour of free time shopping or sight-see the Island.

                                      11:30 Departure

                                      Please be on time.

                                      11:30 Departure

                                      12:00 Reef snorkeling

                                      You will discover the beginning of America's largest reef system, Ixlaché reef.

                                      03 - 400x300 - Isla Contoy Tour - Ixlaché Reef Snorkeling


                                      12:45 Departure

                                      Refresh with our open bar before arriving on the island.

                                      12:45 Departure

                                      13:15 Arrive to Isla Contoy

                                      You will have 3 hours of some activities to enjoy.

                                      Optional activities

                                      You can decide to take the guided tour to the mangler, dunes, and museum or enjoy it at the beach.

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                                      Optional activities

                                      14:15 Buffet

                                      You will have a buffet ready to eat.

                                      15:00 Free time

                                      After lunch, you have extra time to relax.

                                      15:00 Free time

                                      16:00 Departure

                                      Be prepared to carry up all your personal things, once on board we cannot return.

                                      17:00 Arrive to Cancun

                                      Once we arrive to Cancun is the last disembark and your transportation will be ready to go.

                                      17:00 Arrive to Cancun

                                      Drop off

                                      Itinerary to Isla Contoy Tour

                                      In some cases can vary depending on the weather, reef conditions, or delays caused by customers.

                                      LORES - IMG_2083
                                      12 - LORES - Pelícano Isla Contoy
                                      05-HIRES-bread and fruit-isla contoy-1-1
                                      03-LORES-family beach-isla contoy
                                      04 - LoRes - Vista Cancun - Punta Sur-1
                                      03 - LoRes - Isla Contoy Tour - Ixlaché Reef Snorkeling
                                      05 - LORES - Isla Contoy - Fauna - Cangrejo ermitaño

                                      Isla Contoy Tour FAQ's

                                      Quick answers to the main questions.

                                      About Dock Fee

                                      Dock fees are a one-time fee per day and per person. Is a federal tax on any person that boards a boat.

                                      Learn more here

                                      About Reef Fee

                                      Is a Federal Marine Park Tax and can be viewed as your entrance fee into a marine national park.

                                      Learn more here
                                      Isla Mujeres reef snorkeling

                                      Cancellation policy

                                      We have very flexible service policies that allow you to reschedule, and cancel without penalty, it will never be our intention to affect your vacation.

                                      Find them here
                                      01 - 400x300 Vision - Modelo - Popa

                                      About Pick-up & meeting points

                                      Check the resort's listing and meeting points for pick-up.

                                      Check them here


                                      Discover here how to ruin your Isla Contoy tour!

                                      Obviously, nobody wants that you have a terrible day amigo, so que have compiled the most frequent issues that you can avoid and have a wonderful experience in the Mexican Caribbean.

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