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Corporate events

With us, you have a chance to empower the image of your company that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of those you care about. A unique marketing strategy, unlike no other.

Incentive trips

We will help you to create an incentive experience that will fit the image of your business. Our great value is knowing how to empower your event taking into account your budget and specific requirements.

Conferences & Meetings

Do networking in a relaxed and friendly way, you can be sure that we will provide you with the most professional service with the highest level of experience on our catamarans and beach clubs.

Why choose us?

We are the best option for corporate incentive trips, meetings, conventions, and events in Cancun.

Catamaran size
4 Vents 43 Ft
Aleta 37 Ft
Amazing 82 Ft
Arjuna 45 Ft
Asterix II 50 Ft
Aventuras 48 Ft
Caribbean Dreams I 53 Ft
Cavok (Privilege) 40 ft
Fat Cat 44 Ft
Gypse (Privilege) 43 ft
I am free 44 Ft
Induna 68 Ft
Kendo 40 Ft
Khaya 40 ft
Kraken 69 Ft
Lady Caroline 43 Ft
Lohengrin (Privilege) 45 ft
Luv Cats 53 Ft
Maines 65 Ft
Malube 40 Ft
Mango 40 Ft
Catamaran size
Manta 46 Ft
Marmajua 42 ft
Max 50 Ft
Megaira Deluxe 50 Ft
Morrocoy 46 ft
Nal Gone 32 Ft
Oh La la 37 Ft
Pachanga 40 Ft
Paradise Explorer 44 Ft
Parsifal (Privilege) 45 Ft
Salomé (Privilege) 45 ft
Sea Passion I 75 Ft
Sea Passion II 75 Ft
Sea Passion III 75 Ft
Seawind 24 Ft
Tiaré 55 Ft
Ventus 69 Ft
Victoria (Privilege) 47 ft
Vision 60 Ft


We are one of the top tour operators on TripAdvisor for the tour to Isla Mujeres from Cancun.



IXI Beach Club

The culinary paradise of Goddess Ixchel

Here, the elements of nature come together in harmony to delight you. Simply the best Seafood Restaurant in Isla Mujeres.

Fresh and original ingredients are used in extraordinary ways, with the main focus being on their purity, authenticity, and reinterpretation of the Isla Mujeres cuisine.

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Visit IXI Beach Club

Dipp Beach Club

Isla Mujeres, luxury beach club.

We are a new Isla Mujeres beach club concept that celebrates the North of Isla Mujeres joie de vivre and epicurean spirit. Welcome to the Playa Norte way of life.

The best beach clubs in Isla Mujeres have good music, a nice pool, beautiful beaches, good food, and excellent parties, but none have everything we offer you at Dipp Beach Club.


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