Sublime Mediterranean elegance meets Caribbean bliss

Luxurious serenity at Taboo Isla Mujeres


Welcome to paradise at Taboo Isla Mujeres

Enjoy Mediterranean flavors with a Caribbean twist, set against a backdrop of crystal-clear waters and stunning sunsets.






Dining options

006-rubber ring


050-beach bar

Beachside bar


Event hosting


Beach lounge


DJ live

Taboo Beach Club in Isla Mujeres garners mixed reviews, reflecting a spectrum of guest experiences at this picturesque location. The club is celebrated for its stunning setting, with most patrons raving about the exceptional service and food quality.

Many visitors have left glowing reviews, describing the club as an outstanding venue with attentive and friendly service. For instance, servers receive praise for their welcoming demeanor and efficient service. The atmosphere is often described as beautiful, with great music choices, enhancing the dining experience. The food, mainly, receives high marks for its flavor and presentation. The venue is also noted for its ambiance, making it an excellent spot for photography and social gatherings.

However, not all experiences have been flawless. Some guests have encountered issues such as overpriced services, unsatisfactory hookah experiences, and longer-than-expected wait times for food. Complaints about service missteps, such as incorrect orders and billing errors, suggest that while the staff is generally praised, there are inconsistencies that could affect a visitor's experience.

Taboo Beach Club is worth considering if you value a venue with beautiful decor, good food, and the potential for excellent service. The overwhelmingly positive reviews suggest that many guests leave satisfied, and the scenic location is ideal for special occasions. However, it's also advisable to go with managed expectations regarding pricing and service, especially during less busy times when the staff might not be under typical pressure.


Taboo Beach Club, Isla Mujeres

Fracc Parios, Calle Sac Bajo, C. Gaviota Supermanzana 007 Manzana 69 Lote 29, Zona Insular, 77400 Cancún, Q.R.

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