Food and beverage service on board to sail in Cancun

Our private catamaran charter is very vast in options to personalize your gourmet experience

Elevate your senses with every sip and bite in paradise!

Discover the joy of sailing in Cancun while indulging in our exquisite selection of food and beverages.


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3 min read

Tikin Xic Fish: A Delicious Isla Mujeres Delicacy to Savor

What is Tikin Xic? Tikin Xic fish (Tikin Xiic') is a typical dish of Yucatecan cuisine cooked mainly in the coastal...
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Isla Mujeres Playa Norte, one of the world's best beaches

Visiting the beach, being in the sand, and receiving the energy of a sunny day will never go out of style, and doing so...
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Itinerary and Travel Guide: 7 days in Cancun

Cancun is a dream destination in the Mexican Caribbean. Its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, electrifying...