Induna catamaran

With huge nets and a lot of space, you will sail on Cancun Sea with a lot of comfort on this big catamaran.


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Catamaran description







Induna catamaran

It is an unbeatable option for a private tour to Isla Mujeres, both for its ability to move a large group, and for a great celebration on board.
Imagine going out surrounded by family and friends to relax on the North Beach or celebrate an event away from the noise and crowds of the city in the middle of the tranquility of the Cancun Sea while the sun goes down leaving behind a painted sky.
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Take a look at our delicious food options that you can purchase additionally while booking your charter.

Price table to rent a catamaran

We have all the flexibility on schedules so that you experience on board is unique.

2 hours

Sunset Catamaran

$1,790 USD

Express Sailing Experience

Available after 18:00 hours.

4 hours

Half-day sailing experience

$2,750 USD

Day or afternoon catamaran

Available during the morning and afternoon.

Most booked

7 hours

Full day sailing experience

$3,520 USD

Day or afternoon catamaran

Available during the morning and afternoon.

Extra hours

Extend your experience

$470 USD

More Time = More Fun.

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Discover the flavors and experiences that you can have with the optional extra costs that you can hire.

Extra fees

Exist mandatory fees that are government taxes and are independent of our service.

All about dock & reef taxes


Learn more about dock fee

Dock fees must be paid in cash at the time of boarding the catamaran directly at the dock. Is one time fee per day and per person.

You don't need to pay to return from Isla Mujeres. Could be paid in USD or MXN.


Learn more about reef fee

Applies to any person, local or tourist for fishing, snorkeling, diving or sight-seeing trip.

Is a Federal Marine Park Tax and can be viewed as your entrance fee into a marine national park.


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