Ventus comes from the Latin wind, an element that not only prevails over the sea but also moves over the land.

Cancun Sailing's Ventus social program is responsible for reinforcing our commitment to civil society and we work every day to expand our range of activities, collaborations, badges, and badges that will put us on the map as a company focused not only on the care of the sea and the species that inhabit it but also in taking action to permanently improve our society.

  • Compliance with legal, social and internal company standards in the performance of daily operations.
  • Participation in activities and programs of social awareness and invite the public to take action.
  • Constant training for both employees and visitors to raise awareness and promote habits and actions in favor of society.
  • The generation of alliances with governmental institutions, civil society organizations, and other companies that agree with our sustainable development objectives.
Adding efforts, even if they are small, is extremely important to generate large-scale changes. We are proud to add this proposal to our Corporate Social Responsibility scheme and to share our love for the sea and sailing with the visiting public and the community.
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There are many problems that afflict our society. Governments, the private sector, civil associations, and individuals, coordinate their efforts every day to ensure the sustainable development of our community, especially locally in the state of Quintana Roo.

In Cancun Sailing we are proud to be a company committed to the development of society, that is why we work every day to improve our environment through partnerships and certifications that define us as true agents of change.

This is what we do for our society:



We proudly have The Code badge, in which we implement zero-tolerance policies against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in the Context of Travel and Tourism.



Since May 2011, we have been collaborating with the altruistic project Cancun Pro Kids, which fights poverty, exploitation, and abuse of children and adolescents in vulnerable conditions.

Certifications and Volunteering

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