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It is very likely that, if you are thinking about asking for your partner's hand in marriage, you are overcome with nerves and doubts. Congratulations! That only means that you are on the right track and that you are a very romantic person who loves your soul mate very much.

 And for that special occasion, we come to you with a very original proposal that might interest you: we are talking about proposing marriage aboard a boat.


The ideal marriage proposal

There are several to propose marriage, from big events or happenings in which you invite other friends to participate to romantic private dinners between you and your partner. But we think one of the best ways to propose is aboard a luxury boat in the Mexican Caribbean.

Imagine a romantic sunset at sea, in a private setting, during a cruise that includes the food and drinks of your choice. It sounds like an experience out of a movie.


Engagement: How to pop the question on a boat?

There is no step-by-step guide to propose on a boat, but we can certainly give you some tips that will help you get everything ready for that special day.


Select the ideal date

There are many ways to select the date for a marriage proposal. Usually, people choose dates that represent special moments such as anniversaries, birthdays, or the couples' favorite: proposal on February 14th or Valentine's Day.

As a suggestion, we recommend you choose your special date in the months with good weather. For example, if you are planning your proposal for Valentine's Day in Cancun, consider booking your boat between January and June. Remember, in tropical destinations weather can be changeable, so don't be surprised if suddenly some raindrops show up during your magical evening.


Choose the perfect place

Since you're sure you want to propose to your partner on a boat, you should narrow down your choices a bit. The sea is beautiful almost everywhere, but we can assure you that the Caribbean Sea is by far the best setting for a romantic evening.

Among the best destinations in Mexico to propose marriage, we found that the Caribbean is one of the most popular choices. We've heard stories of couples proposing on the beach, aboard boats, or even underwater (no joke, there are couples who do it while snorkeling in one of the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea).


Book the boat of your dreams

From a small two-person boat to a luxurious yacht full of friends, there are many options for a boat proposal.  If you want to celebrate in the Mexican Caribbean, there are different boat rental services in Cancun to propose.

Some of the types of boats you can rent for your surprise proposal in Cancun are:

Yachts: They are the most known option to celebrate boat parties in Cancun. The advantage is that there are many options to rent yachts in Cancun and Isla Mujeres. The disadvantage is that, due to their popularity, they are usually more expensive than other boats because they are directly associated with luxury and, in some cases, eccentricity.

Catamarans: These boats are very comfortable and ideal for private events. The advantage is that they are very stable, comfortable, and affordable. The main disadvantage is availability, but if you book in advance, you will have no problem living your romantic experience on board.

Motorboats: Ideal for quick getaways. The advantage is that this type of boat is everywhere and you can rent them in the sea or the lagoon of Cancun. The downside is that when they are very small you will have to share your special moment with the captain of the boat or, if they are very big, you will probably do it with other passengers, dozens of them.


How much does it cost to propose on a boat?

The price of renting a boat for events in Cancun varies depending on the type of boat, the time of rental, the number of guests, and probably the date. For example, for 4 hours of service, a private yacht with a capacity for 15 people can cost approximately $1080 USD, while a private catamaran for 25 people costs between USD 933 (regular) and USD 26000 (luxury).


How to book a catamaran with Cancun Sailing? 

Booking your catamaran is very easy. First, you have to decide the date, the number of passengers and the boat you want to book. For personalized attention, fill out the reservation form (below), and our online sales agents will find the option that suits you best.

Once you have provided the most important information, you can add details to your reservation, such as:

  • Departure time
  • Departure marina
  • Add snorkeling activity
  • Add land transportation
  • Add food on board
  • Add special drinks
  • Add special decoration to the catamaran
  • Add a stop at a beach club in Isla Mujeres

Let our team of expert planners help you plan the ideal proposal you've always dreamed of. Just tell us what you want, and we'll make it happen.

A marriage proposal in Cancun is one of the most important moments in a couple's life and you don't want to miss the opportunity to make your experience memorable.

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