IXI Beach

                                      Seafood Restaurant & Beach Club in Isla Mujeres.

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                                      Why IXI Beach is the best place to eat in Isla Mujeres?

                                      Every place in Isla Mujeres has its own magic, wonderful colors from the ocean, spectacular views warm waters, and more, but IXI Beach has a combination of many factors that make it great for you.



                                      Rich variety of seafood dishes, prepared in an exceptional way


                                      Prestigious chef

                                      Federico López is a Mexican chef who is the Executive chef of this place


                                      Beach Club

                                      Find out services like chair beach, Balinese beds or bird nest beds


                                      Best location

                                      Located on Playa Norte, one of the top 5 best beaches in the world


                                      Wide areas

                                      The location has large covered areas and a large beach area



                                      The place has a cocktail bar and drinks for all tastes


                                      Mexican food

                                      Mexican food has a great representation that you will love


                                      Atmosphere & service

                                      The staff is very attentive and there is a great atmosphere

                                      IXI Beach food and drink menu

                                      Pescadillas (3)

                                      Folded corn tortilla filled with fresh fish.


                                      Smashed Mexican avocado sauce served with tortilla chips.

                                      Shrimp Broth

                                      Delicious shrimp and vegetable broth, seasoned with a slightly spicy flavor.

                                      French fries

                                      A portion of french fries is made at the moment.

                                      IXI Snack

                                      Snack platter including 2 kibis (Yucatan style wheat meatballs), 2 empanadas, 2 camarocillas (shrimp empanadas), 2 potato flautas with castacan (fried tacos filled with potato and fried pork), beans, and spicy salsa.

                                      Squid rings

                                      Delicious pieces of fried squid served with garnishes.

                                      Octopus slices

                                      Slices of fresh octopus marinated in a lemon vinaigrette.

                                      Local Shrimp Kibis

                                      4 Yucatan style kibis, made with wheat dough mixed with Edam cheese with shrimp stuffed. $170

                                      Catch of the day
                                      Tikin Xic Fish Fillet

                                      Seasoned with axiote.

                                      Fish Fillet With Garlic Mojo

                                      Fried fish with oil and garlic.

                                      Breaded Fish Fillet

                                      Breaded with egg and bread crumbs.

                                      Fried Fish: According to weight

                                      Fresh from the sea, seasoned with local spices.

                                      Shrimps to taste

                                      Breaded with coconut zest. 

                                      A la diabla

                                      Seasoned in reduced hot sauce.

                                      Garlic Mojo

                                      Seasoned with oil, garlic, and spices.


                                      With egg and bread crumbs.

                                      Breaded + Cheese & Bacon

                                      With egg and bread crumbs plus cheese rolled in bacon.

                                      Shrimp aguachile

                                      Traditional Mexican dish made of raw shrimp with salt and pepper, drowned in a mixture of lime juice, onion, cucumber, and a variety of spicy chiles.

                                      • Green aguachile
                                      • Red aguachile
                                      • Mango aguachile
                                      • Black aguachile
                                      Caribbean flavor

                                      170 grams of fresh seasoned seafood and marinated with lemon juice, vinaigrettes, and house dressings.

                                      • Fish
                                      • Shrimp
                                      • Octopus
                                      • Mix
                                      Cocktail Island

                                      170 grams of seafood served in a glass, dipped in tomato juice, and house dressings.

                                      • Fish
                                      • Shrimp
                                      • Octopus
                                      • Mix
                                      Sea & Land Barbecue

                                      200 grams of shrimp, 200 grams of the catch of the day, and 200 grams of hanger steak.

                                      Seafood Platter

                                      200 grams of octopus, 200 grams of shrimp, and 200 grams of the catch of the day.

                                      Surf 'n' Turf Brochette

                                      Brochette with shrimp, beef flank steak, and vegetables served with rice.

                                      Garlic Octopus

                                      Delicious cooked octopus seasoned with house spices garnished with parsley and accompanied by mashed potatoes. $390

                                      Tikin Xic Fish: According to weight

                                      Grilled fish seasoned with axiote.

                                      Garlic Fish: According to weight

                                      Grilled whole fish seasoned with garlic and parsley oil.

                                      Hanger steak with french fries

                                      300 grams of exquisitely marinated beef arrachera accompanied by a portion of french fries.

                                      Chicken Cordon Bleu

                                      240 grams of chicken breast stuffed with cheese and asparagus.

                                      Hanger Steak Sopes with Castacan (2 pieces)

                                      Corn base with beans, cream, hanger steak and topped with fried pork pieces and red onion.

                                      Tikin Xic Shrimp Sopes (2 pieces)

                                      Corn base with beans, cream, Tikin Xic shrimp and topped with red onion.

                                      Tacos with Guacamoles & Pico de Gallo (3 pieces)

                                      Order 2 tacos filled with the stew of your choice, served with guacamole and pico de gallo.

                                      Fish, shrimp, hanger steak, or vegetarian, prepared in style Grilled (red onion, chipotle), IXI (bacon, cheese, onion, and bell pepper), or with cheese.

                                      Kids Hamburger

                                      Ideal for kids that want something classic.

                                      Quesadillas Kids

                                      A Mexican classic made it for kids.

                                      Fingers Cheese

                                      An easy-to-eat option for kids.


                                      This option never fails to get picky kids to eat something.

                                      IXI Hamburger with Cheese

                                      Exquisite grilled hamburger topped with cheese served with french fries.

                                      Shrimp Hamburger

                                      Exquisite grilled shrimps served with french fries.

                                      Aperol Spritz

                                      Mineral water and ice.


                                      Smashed Mexican avocado sauce served with tortilla chips.

                                      Miami Vice

                                      Drink mixed with rum, half strawberry daiquiri, and half piña colada.


                                      Rum, lemon, and mint. Available in mango, strawberry, and passion fruit flavors.

                                      Piña Colada

                                      Pineapple, coconut cream, and rum.


                                      Glass rimmed with salt. Tequila and lime juice. Available in Spicy, cucumber, mango, strawberry, and passion fruit flavors.


                                      Rum, lemon juice, and sugar. Available in mango, strawberry, and passion fruit flavors.


                                      Horchata cream liqueur and rum.

                                      Baileys Mudslide

                                      Bailey's Irish Cream, vodka, coffee liqueur, and chocolate syrup.

                                      Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

                                      Passion fruit cocktail with orange juice and ice.


                                      Mango frappé with sugar, chili powder, and chamoy.


                                      Pineapple with coconut cream.


                                      Sweetened strawberry smoothie with orange, mineral water, and mint leaves.


                                      Drink based on lemon, mint, and spearmint.

                                      • Red Label

                                      • Black Label

                                      • Playa Norte

                                      • Beefeater

                                      • Hendricks

                                      • Playa Norte

                                      • Absolut Azul

                                      • Grey Goose

                                      • Vodka Titos

                                      • Playa Norte

                                      • Bacardí Blanco

                                      • Captain Morgan

                                      • Playa Norte

                                      • Cuervo Tradicional

                                      • Don Julio 70

                                      • Don Julio Añejo

                                      • Don Julio Reposado

                                      • Don Julio Blanco

                                      • Playa Norte

                                      • 400 Conejos

                                      • De Casa

                                      • Aperol

                                      • Baileys

                                      • Jägermeister

                                      • Licor 43

                                      • Sambuca Black

                                      • Fireball

                                      • Möet

                                      Red wine
                                      • Surco 2.7

                                      • Cabernet Malbec

                                      • Puerto Nuevo

                                      White wine
                                      • Pinot Grigio Anterra

                                      • Sauvignon Blanc

                                      • Puerto Nuevo

                                      • Indio

                                      • Sol

                                      • XX Lager

                                      • Tecate Light

                                      • Amstel Ultra

                                      • Cerveza + Tequila Shot


                                      Beer with lemon & salt.

                                      Ojo Rojo

                                      Beer, Clamato, and a variety of sauces.

                                      IXI Beach photo gallery

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