Terms and Conditions

  1. The present Legal Notice (hereinafter the “Legal Notice”) establishes the Terms and Conditions regarding the use of the Internet website (the website) that Cancun Sailing makes available for you.
  2. Cancun Sailing’s digital posts have as a purpose to make it easy for clients and public in general, the access to products and services Cancun Sailing offers as well as the information related to such services, products, equipment, fees, promotions and any other information related (hereinafter the “Services and Products”).
  3. The use of the website gives you the condition of website user (hereinafter the “user”) and implies the full acceptance with no reserves of each of the clauses included in the Legal Notice of the published version  by Cancun Sailing in the moment the user accesses the website. As a consequence, they must read the present Legal Notice every time they use the website since it may be modified.
  4. The use of the website is summited, besides this Legal Notice, to all notices, rules of use and instructions that are made available for the user by Cancun Sailing through the website.

The use of certain Services and Products offered to the users through the website may be summited to specific and particular conditions (hereinafter the “Particular Conditions”) that, depending on each case, may substitute, complete and/or modify the current Legal Notice. Hence, before using such Services and Products, the user must read the corresponding Particular Conditions related. Other Services and Products included in the website may be found subject to the signed contract of services (hereinafter the “Services Contract”) on the user’s behalf, as well as the corresponding approval from Cancun Sailing.

  • Cancun Sailing reserves the right to modify the Legal Notice at any time and with no prior notice. Such alterations will be effective from the moment they are made available to the public in the website. The user must consider themselves informed and bound to the changes in the Legal Notice from the moment they access the website. The use or access to the website from the user will constitute the acceptance and agreement to the changes to the Legal Notice. Likewise, Cancun Sailing reserves to it the faculty to make, at any moment, modifications in the information included in its digital posts.
  • Cancun Sailing will try and make sure the information included in the website is correct an updated at the moment it is included in the website. However, it is possible to find unintended mistakes or inaccuracies.

CancunSailing will not be responsible for mistakes or omissions contained in the website, neither is it committed to immediately update the information included in the digital posts.

  • Cancun Sailing will, at any time, be able to deny, suspend, or terminate the access or use to the user of the website to any Service and Product, or any section of them, at full discretion of Cancun Sailing without prior notice, unlimited and for any reason.

For the aforementioned, Cancun Sailing does not guarantee the use, availability and continuous functioning of the website as well as the Services and Products for the performance of any activity in specific or its being infallible.

  • For the user’s convenience, the website may provide links to other websites or internet pages from third parties whose content and information is not revised by Cancun Sailing. Except for the case the opposite is expressly stated, any website or web page is independent from Cancun Sailing and hence Cancun Sailing has no control over such products, services, materials or any other information included or available through such website and web pages of third parties, neither is it understood that Cancun Sailing recommends such products or services from third parties that have a link in our website. The access to any website or webpages linked to our website is at full risk of the user.
  • Some Services and Products available for the user through our website may require codes or passwords in order to verify the user’s identity. The user agrees that any operation correctly identified by such passwords will be considered valid by the user. Therefore, the user will be the only one responsible for the confidentiality of such passwords no matter if they were provided by Cancun Sailing or chosen by the user directly.
  • Cancun Sailing owns all the rights over the software for the digital posts as well as the intellectual and industrial copyright referred to the contents found in them except for the rights of products and services that are not property of Cancun Sailing whose trademarks are registered by their owners and as such are recognized by Cancun Sailing. None of the materials in the digital posts can be reproduced, copied, modified, distributed, broadcasted, sold, used or published by the user without written consent by Cancun Sailing.

All third parties’ trademarks registered by their owner that appear in the website will do so for the purpose of publicity and information compilation. Their owners can request the modification or deletion of the information that concerns them. On the other hand, the appearance of these third parties’ trademarks does not necessarily mean our recommendation of them.

  1. Cancun Sailing will strictly respect the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the visitors of our digital posts in observance of the Privacy Notice and the applicable current normativity. Therefore, Cancun Sailing will not provide personal information of the users to third parties unless it is required to deliver a product or service requested by the user. See Privacy Notice.

Despite the aforementioned, and given the nature of internet, Cancun Sailing does not guarantee that every use of the website and the Services and Products provided through them is fully free of risk so Cancun Sailing will not be held responsible at all including damage or any other situation that may be caused by the misuse from third parties of the information produced, broadcasted, filed or received through the website.

  1. Any information sent by the users and that is received in the website, as well as the comments, suggestions and ideas, will be considered transferred to Cancun Sailing for free and the user that sends it accepts implicitly that such information is not confidential. We suggest you NOT TO SEND information that cannot be handled as such. Cancun Sailing will have the right to use any information sent to the ends it considers convenient.
  2. It is absolutely prohibited the misuse and unauthorized use of the website, including but not limited to the unauthorized access to Cancun Sailing’s systems, the misuse of codes and passwords or any information included in the website. Cancun Sailing reserves the right to suspend or deny the access to the website to people who misuse the information or the Products and Services included in the website without detriment of Cancun Sailing’s right to exercise the legal, civil or administrative actions necessary according to law in the area.

The user accepts to release Cancun Sailing of any responsibility as well as compensate it for any responsibility, cost or expense that may be attributed to it for the use by the user of the website or the Services and Products for any illegal or prohibited use or the violation of the rules of this website, any service contract, and third party’s right, including expressly but not limited, the copyrights for industrial property or any law, rule, federal, state, or municipality code applicable. The aforementioned obligations will continue even after the termination of this Legal Notice, Particular Conditions or Service Contract.

  1. Besides what is described in this Legal Notice, Cancun Sailing does not provide warranties of any type regarding:
  2. Owned or third party’s information included in the website, including links and other accessories.
  3. The availability or functioning in or outside the Mexican Republic of the materials. Services and Products in the website despite the fact they are referred to in the website.

Any user that chooses to access the website from other locations, does it so at their own risk and responsibility of complying with the local laws.

  • Regarding the accuracy and reliability of any information, content or publicity or materials included, linked, recorded or accessed through the website, with the exception of which is expressly the opposite in any Service Contract, nor in any product’s quality, information or any other materials obtained by the user as a result of any publicity, information or offer on the website.
  • About any website or web page the user has access to through the website.
  • About the privacy and security of the use of the website and the Services and Products, nor that unauthorized third parties are aware of what users do in the website and Services and Products.
  • Cancun Sailing is not liable of any civil, legal, administrative responsibility or direct or indirect damage or any other caused or derived from:
  • The presence of viruses or other dangerous elements in the Services and Products available in Cancun Sailing’s website or in third parties that have a link with the website and that may produce alterations in the user’s informatics system or electronic documents.
  • Mistakes or omissions in the website or the use of information included in it. Any decision based on the information in the website will be responsibility of the user.
  • The use or the impossibility to use the website, Services and Products or any part of them or its links, including the loss of programs or information.
  • The use and the information available in any link in the website.
  • The knowledge that third parties may have about the type, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use made by the users of Services and Products.
  • The access to the website or the use of the information or the applications in it that may damage the user’s software or hardware.
  • Misuse of the information generated, received, transmitted or saved in the website.
  • The lack of availability or continuity in the functioning of the website and Services and Products, the lack of functioning the users may have attributed to the website and to the reliability of the website and the Services and Products.

Payment Policy

We take safe payment via PayPal. The charges through this method will be done immediately when purchasing a service or product. The charge will be done for the amount specified when performing the purchase.

Change and Cancellation Policy

  • Our prices are expressed in USD and the exchange rate will be the one valid in the moment of the reservation.
  • In case of cancellation, the client must inform within a period of 72 hours before the service, otherwise they will be refunded only the 50% of the total amount they paid. This applies for the regular tour and private charters.
  • In the event the client decides to go back before the tour ends, Cancun Sailing will not be held responsible of any additional cost this action generates. Likewise, there will be neither total nor partial refund.
  • When the port authority commands the closing of the port, and as a consequence, the tour has to be cancelled, the refund will be total.
  • If it is not possible to provide the service for an unjustifiable reason, the client will get a credit for the amount paid.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you get to the marina on your own transport, try and get there 30 or 40 minutes before the departure of your boat in the check-in office. Remember: we DO NOT provide parking lot service.

ABOUT TRANSPORTATION: If you are in doubt about the confirmation of the transportation service, call 9988494940

For changes and cancellations:

Send an email to: info@cancunsailing.com

Request a quotation for your event