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Celebrate your wedding aboard a luxury boat

Live the experience of getting married at a beach destination while you enjoy the best view with your friends and family. 


Select from a variety of food options to delight your guests. Have a light menu or an exquisite banquet at a beach club.


Personalize your venue to create a magical set up and have breathtaking pictures and memories of your event. 


Choose between a traditional ceremony or opt for a symbolical or mayan option. Personalize it according to your needs. 




Cancun is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding on the beach. Turquoise waters as a witness of your love and a sunset to seal the promise of a forever together.

You will have the option of holding the ceremony and reception on board! Whichever way you want to organize it, getting married on a boat is a way to break the traditional ways and turn your event into a spectacular memory. We promise that your wedding will be a dream come true.

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  • Bilingual guide

    We guarantee to offer guides in English, Spanish and French. Tours in languages such as German, Italian and Portuguese are subject to availability and must be requested in advance.

  • National open bar

    • Bacardí Carta Blanca rum
    • Jose Cuervo tequila
    • Smirnoff vodka
    • Sol or Superior beer
    • Mc Andrews whisky
    • Soft drinks: Pepsi, grapefruit soda & purified water

  • Snorkel

    On a private tour you can go to any reef for as long as you want. The activity is only restricted by weather conditions.

    The reefs available to visit are:

    • El Meco
    • Sac-Bajo
    • El farito
    • The sunken ship
  • Snacks

    Chips, peanuts and other snacks are included.


  • Beach club

    We have the most exclusive beach club options in Isla Mujeres.

    • Indios beach club
    • Mexico beach club
    • Velavento beach club
    • Zama beach club
  • Food service

    We have a wide variety of food options.

    You can choose to eat at one of the beach clubs we offer or eat aboard the catamaran.

  • Privilege open bar

    • Appleton Rum
    • Tequila José Cuervo Tradicional
    • Vodka Absolut
    • Black Label whisky
    • XX Lager beer
    • White and red wine
    • Soda: Coca Cola, mineral water
    • Juice: Orange, pineapple, tomato and cranberry.
    • Bottled water.

  • Round transportation

    We offer transportation from any resort in Cancun and Riviera Maya. If you are hosted in an Airbnb or other options, we can pick you up at the nearest meeting point.

    • Resort in Cancun zone: $12.00 USD per person
    • Resort in Riviera Maya zone: $18.00 USD per person


  • Gourmet selection

    • Assorted Sushi Tray
    • Deli Meat & Cheese Package
    • Caribbean Platter Canapes
    • Real Mexican Dishes
    • Fish Fresh Ceviche

  • Slides and sandwiches

    • Buon Appetito Package
    • American Burger Sliders & Pizza Bites
    • Deli Box Lunch
    • Croissant Traditional
    • Ham and cheese baguette
    • Ham & Cheese Handcrafted Sandwiches

  • Green options

    • Dry snacks
    • Traditional Mexican Guacamole
    • Mexican Pico de Gallo Sauce
    • Breakfast Sweet Bread and Fresh Fruit
    • Savory Dry Snacks
    • Dessert Party Platter

  • Wine options

    To your selection.

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Planning a wedding in Cancun

Planning a wedding requires several preparations, and almost always, the location is the most complicated issue to decide. Many people come from all over the world to get married in Mexico because the scenarios are amazing and discovered how much does a wedding cost in Mexico, spoiler: is cheaper than in their countries.

There are many famous areas in Mexico to get married, but the favorite is always the southeast or the Caribbean. Imagine beautiful beaches of fine sand with a sea so blue that it makes it seem like you are walking in the sky among the clouds. It sounds very romantic and, at the same time unreal, but it is very real and mostly affordable.


Wedding Planning México

First, you have to choose a wedding venue in the Caribbean. Some great venues to look at are Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen. They are all beautiful places with unique characteristics that distinguish them.

For example, if you are looking for a bohemian and aesthetic option, your ideal wedding destination will be Tulum. On the other hand, if you love the beach and the small towns of the Caribbean, an Isla Mujeres wedding will surely convince you.

There are many options to live the ceremony of your dreams:

Catholic weddings: walk down the aisle in the company of your partner, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. A white dress, a bouquet of fresh flowers, the rings, and the ribbon will announce your engagement in the presence of the father and God.

Mayan ceremonies: This is a ritual based on the beliefs of the ancient Mayan culture. The couple unites in spirit with each other and with the four elements, filling the new relationship with life and energy.  This kind of ritual is especially famous in the southeast part of Mexico since is one of the main regions where the ancient Mayans used to live.

Symbolic Ceremonies: Symbolic weddings have no legal or religious value. However, they can offer a lot of freedom when planning, from a specific theme to a minimalist and private gathering.

Can you legally get married in Cancun?

Yes. Cancun offer wedding planning services which includes the civil ceremony. According to the Cancun Government website, in order to get a valid Marriage Certificate if you are a foreigner, the requirements you need to bring are:

*Time: At least 5 working days available.


  • Original marriage application (provided at the Civil Registry webpage)
  • Birth certificate of the spouses (apostilled or legalized and translated into Spanish by an expert authorized by the Superior Court of Justice, if the birth certificate is not available, only the passport data will be taken).
  • Valid passport and notarized letter of truth signed by the interested parties (letter provided at the Civil Registry webpage)
  • Original prenuptial medical analysis with VDRL, HIV, RH test of the bride and groom, certified by a physician (both documents signed and stamped and with professional license number) (valid for 15 days).
  • A document that proves your legal stay in the country, such as Temporary Resident Visa (in case you have it).
  • 4 witnesses’ official identification with a valid photograph (two for each party), in case they are foreigners, they must present a valid passport.
  • Proof of single status of each party (granted by the Civil Registry).

Remember to bring all documents in their original form and photocopies.

*Proceeding cost: If you want to know how much is to get married in Cancun, Mexico, the cost of the civil ceremony is approximately 340 USD, depending on the exchange rate.

Please confirm all this information on the Cancun Government website or contact the Dirección del Registro Civil (Civil Registry Office) since the requirements and the rates might change.

Boat wedding venues in Cancun

Boat weddings are a growing tren in 2021. The feeling of celebrating your wedding aboard a luxurious boat gives you the opportunity to experience a more private event along your Friends and family, yet there are many Cancun wedding packages that only offer weddings on the beach.

Some couples prefer to sweeten that special moment with a symbolic ceremony aboard a yacht or a catamaran. This type of event allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, open bar on board, and decoration of the boat. That is, you will get the most beautiful photos and a memorable experience.

If you want to celebrate a wedding on board a beautiful catamaran, send us a message to live a Cancun Sailing style wedding from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. We will help you to enjoy the most romantic moment in your life.



We are here to help you organize the wedding of your dreams.

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Interreligious wedding: It doesn't matter if the religions of the bride and groom are different. Stop asking for any recommendations for destination wedding and discover the best wedding planner in cancun to carry out your interreligious wedding.

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If you are wondering how much does it cost to get married on a cruise ship, what is the cheapest destination wedding locations, or how much is a yacht wedding in Cancun you have come to the right place.